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Flut in Boma

Eine Gemeinde unserer Partnerkirche im Kongo ist schwer betroffen

Die Kirche unter Wasser

Innenraum der Kirche

Pfarrer Elie mit zerstörten Trommeln

Das Wasser trennt die Stadtteile

Boma. Zwischen Weihnachten und Silvester 2016 ging ein schweres Unwetter über Boma nieder. Die Evang. Kirchengemeinde in dieser Stadt gehört zur Evang. Luth. Kirche im Kongo, zu der wir seit einigen Jahren eine Partnerschaft aufgebaut haben. Hier der Brief des Bischofs und einige Bilder der Überschwemmung:

Am 07.01.2017 um 10:26 schrieb Pierre Lunungu Tshambu:

Voici quelques images de l'inondation de la ville de Boma. Même l'église de Boma touchée.

These are some pictures of Boma flood. Even the church has touched by the water. More than one hundred persons died. Houses distroyed many things lost.

Now some diseases as Choléra, typhoïde and one person already died with choléra among 3 persons détected.People are in need. Some organisation have come to help as caritas is in préparation.

This is the time for Lutheran church to be seen in the western part of DR Congo

Thank you

Bishop Lunungu


Darauf antwortete die Partnerschaftsbeauftragte aus unserem Dekanat Gertraud Schneider:

Dear Lunungu, dear Vigile, dear Elie,

just in August we had our amazing service in this church and now all is inundated and destroyed. I was shocked and very sad when I saw these pictures from Boma.

Please receive our deep compassion and sympathy from the whole deanery Bad Windsheim for this tragedy of being overflooded, where so many people died or became sick of these terrible deseases of cholera and thyphus.

We will pray for all our sisters and brothers in Boma, who are affected by this disaster, that there will be a quick support to stand this calamity.

May our Almighty God hold his protecting hands over all who are suffering.

Salutations cordialements de Bad Windsheim,